DIY Photo voltaic Pool Heater

DIY Photo voltaic Pool Heater

1. Photo voltaic Powered LED Road gentle with auto depth management:

LED based mostly road lights owing to their excessive effectivity and ease of depth management are actually incessantly changing the standard HID based mostly road lamps. This undertaking defines a LED based mostly gentle system which is energy from a solar energy supply and their depth may be managed such that they’re switched on with most depth solely throughout the peak hours. The output from photo voltaic panels is saved throughout day time, in batteries and at night time this battery is used to energy the LEDs.

Right here on this undertaking, an array of LEDs are used to characterize the road lights. A cost controller unit is used to sense irregular situations like over charging, overload and low charging situations and accordingly management charging of the battery. The DC energy saved within the batteries is used to energy the array of LEDs via a change association. The depth of the LEDs are managed or diversified after explicit time intervals by offering various obligation cycle pulses to the change from the microcontroller. Thus utilizing PWM method, the solar energy is equipped to the LEDs to differ their depth.

2. Solar Monitoring Photo voltaic Panel:
This undertaking defines a means for mounting of photo voltaic panels in order to obtain most radiation from the solar. Right here an energetic tracker system is used the place the panel is positioned on the shaft of a motor and the motor is given correct rotation such that the panel is at all times oriented at 90 levels to obtain the utmost daylight.

3. Photo voltaic Energy Cost Controller:
One of many important components of a solar energy system is the cost controller which is used for controlling the cost to the battery. As we all know, in a solar energy system, the photo voltaic vitality collected by the panels is saved in batteries with a view to be used at night time instances. Additionally this DC energy is transformed to AC energy utilizing inverters. Right here a system is designed to achieve the management of charging of the battery.

Right here comparators are used to sense any irregular situation like over charging, low voltage or overload situations and accordingly give output to manage the charging of battery. A reference voltage is ready utilizing a possible divider association. Incase of overcharging, the indication is given by the glowing of LEDs and the present from the panel is bypasses via the transistor. Incase of low battery voltage and over load, the load change is made to be in off situation and the availability to the load is cutoff. Thus the charging and discharging of the battery is managed.

4. Photo voltaic Powered Auto Irrigation System:

Irrigation is synthetic provide of water to areas with scant rainfall or water provide. It’s typically required to manage the availability of water by sensing the moisture content material within the soil. This undertaking defines a method to obtain this through the use of a pump which is powered by photo voltaic vitality, in order to beat the frequent unavailability of mains provide and controlling the switching of the pump motor based mostly on the sensor enter which senses the moisture content material within the soil.

5. Photo voltaic Vitality Measurement System:
This technique is used to observe totally different parameters associated to the photo voltaic panel like temperature, gentle depth, voltage and present and show the parameters on a LCD show.

Right here Four sensors are used to sense the totally different analog parameter, i.e. temperature, gentle, voltage and present. These parameters are sensed utilizing sensors for every parameter. The output from the sensors are fed to the enter pins of the PIC microcontroller with inbuilt 8-channel ADC with Four of its channels getting used. The output from the sensors is then accordingly displayed on the LCD show in digital type.

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We hope the above tasks record is useful to engineering college students in getting higher thought about what sort of photo voltaic vitality tasks could also be chosen in closing yr engineering.

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